Neuroticos was formed in 2004. The band consists of Bruno (Vo), his older brother Kleber (Gt), and friends Junpei (Ba) and Henrique (Dr), with three members of Brazilian nationality and one Japanese member. Neuroticos originally started as a band based in Hiroshima. Joining the two powerhouses of the Hiroshima death metal team scene, Baked Bomb and Blind Hate, the three bands jointly organized the massive death metal event “Hiroshima Death Fest”, making waves in the death metal scene. They have embarked on international tours to countries such as Korea, the Phillippines, and Vietnam, and last year completed a tour in their home country of Brazil. Neuroticos has shared the stage with some of the biggest international acts, such as Cannibal Corpse and Vomitory in Japan, and Vader and Master in Brazil. In 2014, they released a split album with Deadly Spawn (Tokyo) and Taste (Sendai) titled “Trisected Strangulating Sermons And Black Mastication”. With all this momentum behind them, they are set to release their first full EP, “Hell in the House of God”, on June 6, 2016. Those who have not yet heard the merciless brutal sound of the Brazilian underground scene coming out of Japan are sure to be blown away.

Written by 冥王亭